Electromechanical calculating machines from the 1960's
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Friden SVE        
  Friden Inc.
San Leandro, California, USA
  stepped drum
  10 x 11 x 20
Years produced
Price when new
  $975 in 1965
Size (W x D x H)
  lb. oz. (kg)
  automatic decimal point placement
shortcut multiplication
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Originally used by the Oregon Bureau of Land Management. Ambitious shortcut multiplication and automatic decimal point management. The number of digits after the decimal had to be preselected using a knob on the left side of the machine. The multiplier keypad had its own decimal point key. There was one other V-line Friden, the SVJ, which was an SVE with back transfer. Improvements for servicing – carriage flips up, outer panels easily removed. Rushed to market, crippled by a main drive shaft that was undersized and prone to bending, all the V-line were recalled after only a year of production. They were later reintroduced with a different color scheme as the R-line, with this machine becoming the RSC. (Bodley, Fridenites)