Electromechanical calculating machines from the 1960's
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Badenia VA-17        
  Mathias Bäuerle G.m.b.H.
St. Georgen, Schwarzwald, Germany
  stepped drum
  11 x 8 x 17
Years produced
  1958 to 1964
Price when new
  DM 3290 ($827) in 1964
Size (W x D x H)
  lb. oz. ( kg)
revolutions = control register
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Mathias Bäuerle was one of the pioneers in the calculating machine industry. Despite nearly sixty years of calculating machine production, this is the first fully-automatic four-function calculator from EMBEE (Mathias Bäuerle). It uses a full 11-column keyboard for entry of all values.

This machine is unique in the way it uses its registers. The revolutions register can be added to directly, so it can be used as a second resuts register for addition problems. It also doubles as the control register for multiplication problems. Back transfer is not explicitly provided for, but dividing by result by 1 places it in the revolutions register, making it available as the multiplier for the next operation. There is also a non-visible memory register, which is accessed by the sliding lever at the left of the keyboard. Pushing the lever towards the front of the machine stores the value in the keyboard, and pushing the lever towards the back of the machine will recall the value into the keyboard.

This particular machine has a non-standard keyboard column coloring, and has the words “Autobahn – BA Nbg.” engraved on the back prior to the paint being applied, suggesting this may have been a special order.